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MX STRONG SCHOOL - School Sports Off - Road, is run by experienced, with many years of experience and success in Poland and abroad, Coach - Manager Andrew Czyzowski. The interest in motocross and sports activities started 43 years ago in 1968, a professional coaching job in 1989 and continues to be, now 23 years old, to this day. The practice gained in Poland, few countries in Europe and the USA. Pupils, who devoted a large share of the work, achieved titles in the youth World Cup, Europe, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Italy. In International Polish Championship won many titles. The school's organizational form, called the MX STRONG SCHOOL started its activities in spring 2007. Lublin is the seat of the school. We have organized three places for the conduct of stationary camps of summer and winter. These places are: 1. Smugi k / Lublin in Poland - Country School 2. Terme Vigliatore in Sicily / Italy 3. Ocala, Florida / USA In places have organized groupings database of accommodation - accommodation, full board, media, service and support available for motorcycles and a couple of tracks with different conditions and configurations. In addition, the Base camps in Ocala, Florida, we have mx motorcycles and ATVs, which are groupings of participants. It is a big part in providing convenience winter camps in the U.S., wider riders. We organize regular grouping in Poland and abroad during the year and ongoing practice. In total, we organized more than 60 camps MX, including more than 30 per borders of our country, in the winter and summer. The we do different types of workouts. Base their division, divides them into : Types of practice, due to the form of practice the riders : Complete. Consists of "everyday", direct contact with the athlete in practice and competitions. At agreed, the contractual period, the designated goals. We organize the whole infrastructure, this maid, from the practice plan, the calendar starts, priorities, endurance tests, medical examinations, nutrition, selection and service motorcycles, spare parts supply, determine the budget, etc. Completeness-mailing. Different from the above, only in that the rider is not in daily, direct contact with the coach, because, for example, a distant place of residence. The meetings follow a fixed schedule, eg every 2 weeks - 3-day sessions, plus a grouping designated occupations. Keep the coach is in telephone contact, e-mail, etc., through which runs the exchange of information and consultation. Occasional. Sporadic exercise training. They are not subordinate to any cycles, or practice and startup plans. They serve to improve the overall level of riding. Types of practice, according to the number of riders participating in the training: Individual - 1 rider. Direct - to 6 riders. Group - more than 6 riders. Large group - over 12 riders. Suggestions: Conduct theoretical lectures. Sample topics: psychology, physiology, general physical preparation, technique and overall driving elements, the logic of the track. Keeping a rider, according to an individual plan of starter - practice, year-round. Health Coaching for competitions, practice, and the current summer and winter camps. Periodic practices sessions or one-off consultations, involving study of possible errors and suggestions for self-administration of their elimination. Contracting of individual and group practice, for agreed periods of time, grouping, etc. throughout the country and beyond its borders. CONTACT : Address in POLAND : Smugi 37A, 21-002 Jastków k / Lublin, Tel : 0665 095 023 ; 0723 408 603 ; Home : 081 063 75 66, Address in USA : U.S., 34473 Ocala, Florida 4550 SW 170 th Str Rd. Tel Mobile : 727 637 7992 or assistant Mark 727 637 1879 E-mail : Facebook : Andrzej Czyzowski www.
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